The company was created in 2005.  With the aim to introduce regional products, into the British market. Following a large amount of experience matured in the  food industry and the passion for authentic Italian food and mediterranean living , Tentazioni have decided to expand their warehouse and offer their products to wholesale & distribution.

All our products are carefully selected by Tentazioni from small local producers to the most important Italian Brands. A large percentage of our products are handmade , with specially selected ingredients, to ensure a truly qualitative and authentic result. Within the years the company has grown massively, thanks to the support of our selected partners and the deep passion & knowledge about food.

Our range of products is constantly increasing to satisfy more & more our customers’ needs and international food trends.


You choose what you want, we do the rest.

Within the M25 an all orders over £ 40 excluding Vat.


we choose the best products

All our products are carefully selected by Gaspare De Luca from small local producers to the most important italian brands.

100% Italiano Product

The range of products we have is selected to offer you only the best Italian Ingredients. We work passionately to bring the most valued Mediterranean products to the English market.

Our partners

The main brands we work with are: GILDO & CONGEDI.

These companies represent an important Italian reality, with a long family tradition in the field of production and manufacturing of typical and excellent Italian products. All of them commenced their successful production process more than fifty years ago, as small local producers; today they are amongst the most important and popular Italian Brands. Through high–quality used technology and a long tradition, these companies have reached a prestigious status in food guidebooks and are well known to the food industry specialists . We are proud to share their products made of love and passion with you.