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Hand Wrapped Panettone With Limoncello Cream 750gr

Panettone filled with Limoncello cream, with candied lemon peels, without sultanas; naturally leavened oven baked product. Hand-wrapped in elegant paper...

Primitivo Di Manduria D.O.C 1X75CL (6pcs/box)

£14.45 £14.46

Tre Marie Chocolate Panettone 'Re-Noir' 900 GR

Re Noir Panettone With Chocolate 900Gr..

Tre Marie Traditional Panettone 750Gr

Tre Marie Traditional Panettone 750Gr ..

Bauli Pandoro Limoncello 750gr

Bauli Pandoro Limoncello 750gr..

Balocco Lemondoro Pandoro Classic 800GR ( 12 Pcs/Box)

Balocco Lemondoro Pandoro Classic  ( 12 Pcs/Box)..

Balocco Pandoro Classic 1KG

Balocco Pandoro Classic 1KG ( 8 Pcs/Box)..
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Balocco Panettone & Chocolate Drop 100 GR

Balocco Panettone & Chocolate Drop 100 GR ..

Balocco Panettone Classic 1KG


Bauli 3 Chocolate Panettone 750Gr

Bauli 3 Chocolate Panettone 750Gr ..

Bauli Pandoro Classic 1KG

Bauli Pandoro Classic 1KG ( 8 pcs/Box)..

Bauli Panettone Classic 1KG (8 Pcs/Box)

Bauli Panettone  Classic 1KG  (8 Pcs/Box)..
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Cantucci Almond 150gr (15pcs/box)


Cantucci Biscotti Almond (1.5Kg/tray)

Approx-45 Pcs/Tray ..

Cantucci Biscotti Bicolor (1.5Kg/tray)

Approx-58 Pcs/Tray ..

Cantucci Biscotti Pisatchio (1.5Kg/tray)

Approx-28 Pcs/Tray ..

Crunchy Almonds 150GR


Crunchy Hazelnut 160GR

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Hard Nougat Bar ( FRATELLI) 200GR


Hazelnut cake

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Out Of Stock

Selection Soft Nougat 5 Pcs X 50 GR


Soft Nougat Bar 100GR


Tre Marie Traditional Pandoro In a Gift Packaging 750 GR

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Cotechino Fini 500Gr (6pcs/box)

Cotechino is a large, rich Italian pork sausage made with as much rind and fat as lean meat. It is a traditional gluten free component of the Christmas lunch. You cook it by boiling, and it's usually ..

Zampone Fini 1KG (12pc/box)

Zampone (pork sausage stuffed in casing) is prepared by mincing the pork meat in a mincer. Trimming can be performed before this process, when required. The mixture thus obtained is stuffed into a cas..
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