Sicilian Cannoli london

We call cannolo the faucet pipe where the water flows and it is a metal rod that is used to make the casing (the so-called “scorcia” i.e. rind in Sicilian dialect) containing the cream. But from the faucet, it flows water instead of the cannolo it flows… the cream! Hence the Carnival joke. However, like all our greedy dishes, even this simple but fantastic cake is eaten throughout the year and at any time. It is always a pleasure to bite this particular crispy pastry stuffed with fresh ricotta cream.

Crumbly and creaky cannoli are made throughout Sicily and, thanks to the skill of our pastry chefs are different from place to place in the decorations. For example, in Palermo, at the ends of cannolo normally use to lay two beautiful candied cherries and on the top a slice of candied orange peel, while in eastern Sicily the minced Bronte’s pistachios dominate the scene.

Anyway, the ricotta cream is the ingredient that can’t change it must strictly be really fresh sheep’s with our ricotta a special Best from Sicily for you

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